My Final Hare Scene

Well, This was a long and interesting Section. It took me a bit longer I planed but you know, busy life and so on but I did plan my time to sit down and pop into Blender! :smiley_cat:
To be honest, we learned so many new things, simply had to experiment with it! :smiley:
So here it is. Thank you for visiting and please make your positive and negative comments… Nice day to all of you.




I finally reached this section ! So I can comment on your work.

Positive, I like:
+Your grass field
+The head of the bunny
+Especially the eye, even if it looks a bit surprised :smiley:
+++1080 p :open_mouth:
++The general combing of fur

Negative, you asked for it :upside_down_face: :
The bunny looks a bit hunchbacked (is it the word ?) like it has a bump on its back.
I feel like the head doesn’t really connect to the body :confused: (Widen the neck ? Smoother transition ?)
The tree trunk seems a bit … odd but has a nice shape (Is it because of smooth shading ? I can’t tell)

Far more positive than negative, I hope you won’t be offended by the negative ones : you managed to create a good scene while living a busy life, kudos to you.

In conclusion: Good job on this section ! Cheers !

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Thx for the comment. Yes, i was aware of those things but simply did not want to spend more time on it.
The bump is there because it is a hare, not a rabbit and hares are much bigger so when it sits guess this is normal.
The neck, you are right. I should have to comb the hair or puff it out!! Good point.
On the tree I used sculpting but the lighting is bad and no texture, so it does not, shows how it looks really
Shoot from blender…

This is the picture i used for the hare…

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