My final dragon render

I had a ton of fun with this step. I tried using lights to make it look like the environment around the dragon was on fire, but actual fire in the render would be way cooler, so that’s something to try learn and implement. I also think the dragon looks a bit small, but it’s around 8m tall, and a door on the building is around 2m, so it might just be the lack of context to show how big it is? Please give me any and all feedback because I want to play around with it more haha


To give an indication of scale, viewers need a form of reference.
Use a person, an animal (birds), or a window as you did.
You used a window already but it isn’t very visible. Maybe light the window a bit, and add a person behind it. Rotate the left building 90deg. Also, it is hard to do a scene in low-light conditions.
The dragon is diffuse in color (no shadow depth, looks flat).

Besides all these comments, it is a good project. Like the solution, to place the dragon on the roof.


Very nice end render. Interesting environment placement on rooves.

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Thanks for the advice! I moved the dragon and changed the camera perspective a bit (since the building is a free model downloaded and not mine I don’t know how to just rotate the left roof), and also changed the part of the hdri that shows because I think the big trees in the background were part of the issue. The dragon looks much bigger and more imposing now. I like the idea of adding a person to the scene as well but I dont have any model that’d work for that but sometime maybe
I don’t really know how to fix the dragon looking flat without depth but I moved some lights around and done a cycles render which I think is nicer than the eevee one

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:


thank you very much :slight_smile:


Looking much much better. The camera is at a better position, you get the feeling for it.


Of course, my own mind wanders down rabbit holes of reality and what is possible. For example how heavy is a dragon? Would it crush a roof? Of course, they may be light-boned like birds in order to fly at all. Rather than be flightless but winged like ostriches. If they are light enough to fly with wings of the usual depiction’s sizes can they be that fearsome and threatening as well?
Best not to go down the whole thought rabbit hole! :rofl:


hahaha true