My Final Challenge


I tried to try blending which gave it a neat ghostly aura but the gif is too big to share :sweat_smile:

this took WAY too long for me to do, however while producing it, I realized the importance of work flow and how to make the whole animation process more efficient.

-Sprite Sheets are perfect for using copy paste methods, but make sure that the flow matches the layer flow.
-Naming using letters is better then numbers as when you are copy and pasting the numbers start to get a bit hectic. the letters do not change so it’s relatively easy to figure out where you are in the sprite sheet if you walk away for a bit or forget.


Wow! Excellent!
This is a really good sprite example.
And yes, a lot of manual work.
I like the animation flow of the lamp and blending.

Well done!

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Thank you :smiley: There are plenty of things I would do differently now but this section is a perfect paring for the Tile Vania 2D lecture!

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Thank you! It was all made in Gimp.

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This looks great!! Thanks for sharing the tips you learned through the process :smiley: