My extended LaserDefender with timer based powerups


This is my version of Laser Defender with some extra’s:

  • After 2 waves of the default enemy a new enemy is introduced, it fires faster and takes more damage.
  • A health bar, which is actually just an image I’m moving in the x axis to the left, so it moves out of view. There’s probably a much better way to do a health bar so I’m looking forward to how other students approached this.
  • timer based powerups, every 10 seconds a green powerup is randomly spawned. If the player catches it creates a shield on the players position that can take 5 shots of damage
  • after the wave with the new enemy starts, every 20 or so seconds a red “power down” is randomly spawned. If the player catches this, the enemies firepower doubles, for now permanently.

Game webGL version is playable here:

Code is available on GitHub:


Good fun!

I found the unlimited ammo took some of the challenge out as I just held down space and dodged. Maybe have alternate fire modes so that holding down space gives you a slow but steady rate of fire, and triple-tapping space gives you a rapid fire burst?

Potential for more powerups too - shields, etc. Nice one.


Yeah, nice job. This barrier / shield doesn’t fit to the rest of the environment but I understand it’s hard to make your own sprites. I have the same problem in my products. Keep going. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback to the both of you :slight_smile:

You are right it’s not that much of a challenge now and I think the idea of alternate fire modes is good and something I’d like to implement at a later time. Same for the unlimited ammo, could be limited or based on score or something.

The shield indeed doesn’t really fit into the style it’s basically just a brick from my block breaker game I re-used. Graphics aren’t really my thing but I should be able to come up with something a bit cleaner, more fitting.


Well done!

Feels smooth overall! The power ups move a bit too fast for my liking but great job!


Thanks for the feedback! I kinda just put a value for the speed of the powerups, so it could definetely use some more finetuning.

It’s a bit tricky I suppose, on the one hand it may not be too easy, on the other hand you must be able to catch them. I did think about making the red one a bit faster, I wanted that one a bit harder to avoid catching as it increases difficulty. May be an idea to set the speed of the powerups on the players score and make it gradually more difficult.