My export checklist

Thus far I haven’t really considered where to export my models. The way I have planned my Blender path is doing the animation in Blender alone, including the sound effects and video editing.

But I’ve considered that maybe later when I would like to export my models elsewhere for example Unity, it is wise to do the exporting checklist.


  • Lefthanded coordinate system.
  • Models that are separate would have no problem with scaling and origin setup. Because if the properties of the models is set to our desire in Blender, Unity handles them very nicely.
    -If I was to create and environment in Blender to be used as my gamefield in Unity the meshes that I would like to scale rotate or translate would have to be put in the same mesh group or considered as the same mesh.
    -Model closing… well without this amazing course that you have created I would have no idea what the hell is happening, so from now on I know how to turn my faces so that the normals are facing outwards and to check on my model closing after modelling something.

This pretty much sums up what I have learned from this lesson. I don’t state that it is correct, but the way I see it. I will now look into others posts and try to see if I am right. Please reply if you find any mistakes in my post so I will know right!

Thank you.

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