My explanation of Statements in code

Well hi!

This is my attempt to define what I’ve learned so far in the course.

Main Function: This is initializing our code. It’s basically telling our system that something is going to happen, the starting point of our code.

Return Statement: This is basically finalizing our code. Just as the main Function is the starting point, the return statement is ending it.

Expression statements: These are lines of codes followed by a semicolon “;” Used to print to the terminal, declare variables.

Declaration Statements: Lines of code used for declaring something. In the case of TripleX we’re using declaration statements to declare our variables.

#include as a Preprocession Directive: This is used to include lines of code from an already existing library of user available code. In the case of TripleX I believe it’s bringing content necessary for our code to run, but I’m not aware of what it’s actually doing.

Thanks for reading!

hi everyone

I’m going to try to describe the different sections and types of statement in the code.

#include as a Preponcession Directive: This is used to access and use libraries (lines of code). This helps our game to run.

Main Function: This is the instructions that we are giving the machine and how we want to interpret and use the data.

Expression Statements: These are lines of code (expressions) that finish with a semicolon.

Declaration Statements: Lines of code use to declare a value for a variable.

Return Statement: This is used to finalize our code.

Thanks for reading!

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