My EscapeRoom additions as well


first off a very BIG thank you to Ben and Sam for this absolutely fantastic course. I am really glad I stuck around (after 2 attempts where I kind of stopped without reason) and this time I am really digging it.

I just reached the end of EscapeBuilding and started to extend it with my own features.

First I wanted the pressure plates to actually feel like pressure plates, meaning, they move down into the ground a little when the correct amount of mass has been applied.

That was not too hard, we learned all the tools for rotations.

At this point I figured it would probably be smarter to get the whole functionality of the OpenDoor component into a new PressurePlate c++ class and rather combine that with the Volume.

What I noticed though is, that the OpenDoor broadcast gets send as soon as the actor enters the volume. Not a deal breaker, but I found it irritating that everything started working despite me still having the object in my hands!

So my second job was to deal with this issue by storing the mass of the grabbed object into a variable and then set the mass of the object to 0 while I am holding it.

As soon as I release the object, the mass is set back to it’s original value and allows the volume to do it’s thing. Fun stuff!

Of course it is usually rather easy to follow a tutorial (not counting the challenges), but today it finally made click for me, as I managed to code something on my own.

Here a small progress video:

Let’s see what I can do with the learned tools and how I make this into a fun game!


Coded a Throw method for grabbed objects.


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