My Escape the (Misinformation) Room sketch

Hey There! :slight_smile:

After reading this this news article on how Finland is fighting misinformation and Fake News, I had the idea of making this Escape the Room about escaping misinformation. This problems really has bothered me for a while, and I felt somewhat happy that I could make a game that would help people spotting and not falling to it.

My idea was to make puzzles that teach a skill of posture to the player that would help them identify misinfo and such. I am still not sure if I will make a huge room with several smaller rooms, one with each puzzle, or just a series of rooms to be completed sequentially. I am more inclined for the second, because driving the narrative linearly could be nicer. I am definitely thinking about having a narrator that will speak to the player about how concepts relate.

The first puzzle that I sketched is about establishing the importance of debates. The idea is that real world are complex, often several views of it are true within their limits, and we actually need to go through several points of view to have a better understanding of them. I thought of using a 3D object that has 3 different shapes when seen from specific angles, such as this:

The puzzle will first present the player to these three angles, and then show how the object is more complex than that. Then the player will have to take it through a maze, rotating it as necessary, to pass it through holes of several shapes.

I don’t know how hard this will be to code, wish me luck! :joy:

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