My enemies can't use ramps properly

I couldn’t get my enemies to cross the top boundary of a ramp, in either direction. Like they can’t move from an upper room on to a ramp and they can’t move off a ramp to the upper room. Then can move on or off the ramp at the bottom. There is a navigation path there obviously, or they wouldn’t be trying to do that. There does not appear to be any gap or lip, and the player can cross without issue. I tried tweaking the navigation mesh settings, max climb and whatnot, but it didn’t help. In the end I tried this Godot Jolt physics I keep hearing about, and then it worked. But is there anything else that I could have done to fix this?

Anything that causes it to do a U-turn, especially on a ramp/incline, causes the enemies to get stuck.

Haven’t found a way to manual edit the generated meshes is uses for navigation, but it to work by editing the edges/Agent-radius of the navigation mesh. though it isn’t working 100% (very rarely they still get caught on corners)

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