My Dungeon Escape Level

Spent a couple of days making my dungeon escape level and learning how to change the sky and landscape. I used the Landscape Backgrounds pack for the outside environment.

The first padlock can only be opened with the key and I had some trouble making it easy to pick up but I had a blast making this!


Great work! Your game is coming along nicely! :fire:

That’s a nice touch with the key!

How did you make it so your objects don’t spin around like crazy when you pick them up?

On the object you’re picking up, under Physics check under Constraints. You can lock rotation of the different axes so it stops spinning. For the first statue in the coffin I didn’t lock the X rotation, I just changed the angular damping to 20.


Super cool! Love this so much! I really like the level design. The touch of a real world outside the dungeon at the end was really cool.

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