My dungeon / den of robbers with obstacle

Maybe I’m too quick or don’t go into the details, but I think most other projects look better than mine. I’ll take more time so that my projects are more influenced by my own creativity :muscle: :nerd_face:


Still looking good!
Add some disturbances the scene, like rotation and size the chests. Introducing more variations.


Hey Tom, first of all, Good job.
Your dungeon looks great!
I guess you shouldnt compare with other projects here! everyone is unique in it’s own way!
So is yours! the level of detail is great! i just would add some variations to some objects like the Walls or Pillars!

Keep the rock, rolling! :metal:


Do not do yourself down, it is a great dungeon, I particularly like the mid room torches on poles creation. Lots of treasure too! All sorts of other bits added.


First off your dungeon is fantastic!
I love your standing torches, the candle holders on the tables, the coins, and all the details on your chests!

Second, there’s no reason to be discouraged. We’re all still learning and developing our styles - you’ll get to the level you want to be at sooner or later. Especially if you keep challenging yourself with details like this!

I think a fitting detail for scenes like treasure rooms would be some stray coins or jewels that fell out of the chests.


Maybe I said something wrong but thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I’m satisfied, but I also see that things can get better. I will learn from everything and get better with time.
My problem is that it is very time consuming. but the more time goes by, the better it gets.

I’ll be looking forward to the next sections :grin:


I think this dungeon looks amazing and can tell you put in a lot of effort. My favorite is the storage room and all of the clutter and broken tables. Looks very lived in. And those torches look spectacular too. Great job!

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