My start Updated

Wow, this is something. It goes on and on… It is not done by any means. I’m trying to shorten it so I can move to the next lesson. I’ll try to finish it tonight…

I don’t even know my characters name. Just his friend. My guy is just a nameless person…

I have two openings; opening a lock and making a weapon… They will merge eventually and blow that alien ship up!

It’s pretty dark so I hope no one is offended.

Jenn C

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Sometimes the nameless character is best! I like how many game over states you have. Great job!

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Thank you so much!! It’s not quite finished. I was looking at how Rick has his cards organized and I might have to go back and reorganize mine a little to make it easier to number and integrate into Unity. His is more linear. Mine is circular… My sure he would say there is no right way or wrong to to organize them, but I see the benefit of a more linear approach. :smiley:


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