My dragon has a hole that I can't fix, can you help please?

So I started the part of sculpting the dragon, and when I was working on the wing a hole formed, I’m not sure how.
I tried to fix it in Edit mode but it doesn’t work if I use “Fill holes”, but it’s doesn’t work.
Can I have some help please?

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Did you use solidify modifier?

  • do you have a backup copy?
  • Can you go back to `.blend1’ automatic backup file? (remove the ‘1’ to load the file into Blender.

You can manually repeat this error. But it is cumbersome work.

  • Deleting some vertices.
  • connecting two vertices with f key, building up edges and faces.
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I used the solidify modifier before, but I applied it and it worked perfectly, I don’t have a backup and the .blend1 file opens the same thing.
Can you elaborate a bit more on the manual fix?

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Are the hole edge verts attached to a back face we can not see?
If they have joined to a back side of a thin sheet like shape you will need to delete them in edit mode, to get to a situation where the two sides are not directly connected by the hole.
Then just select suitable verts 4s or 3s, and press F to make a face, repeat until the hole is filled. Both sides. But not with any connection between them.

If no other back side, just rebuild the faces needed.

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