My dragon before retopology

Hey, I really enjoy this course and I have much fun creating my own beast.
Is this sculpted enough and I can go to retopology or should I work more to shape muscles on legs?


Excellent looking dragon. I especially like the fins from the sides of the head. The front legs are perfect, but the start of the back of the legs (thighs) may need more bulk. Other than that, I see no other issues. :+1:

Also, welcome to the gamedev community. :tada:


Thank you. The dragon design is inspired by the artist Larry Elmore and his illustrations to Dragonlance universum. My sentiment for my childhood time with Dragonlance books. My greatest dream was to model one of their dragons in 3D :slight_smile: Hopefully I would finish it thanks to this course.


So far, I like how this dragon looks; it has nice proportions.

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