My Dino render (Cycles)

I learned a lot from this section of the tutorial, was really fun to follow along.

I tried to make my dinosaur more of a high poly style, but found that with a combination of subsurf and destructive editing decisions, things became a bit complicated topology wise. I think it turned out ok-ish, but am looking forward to applying what I have learned in other projects.

I also did some compositing on the final render, including lens distortion, ambient occlusion, glare, and some hue correction to make the scene more blue.


Great dino.

Very good to try out textures on the skin. Well beyond what the course was doing.


Thank you!


Great looking Dino. Looks soo cute and cool. I like the compositing you did. Especially the lens distortion.
Have fun dude!

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Thanks Chris, really appreciate you checking out my render!

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