My Desired Character Model

Hi, my name is George, under the user name “The Scarblaze”, and I’d like your help.
My dream is to become a game developer and I have a huge passion for games for worlds, characters and coding. I’m attending at university at the moment and I’m (perhaps) at my final year there. I’ve been a student for almost 6 years and I have a goal to accomplice before I finish it.
I have asked my teacher to develop a game for a project and I’ve been working on it since October. One the things I am not good at is art design. For instanse, character modeling, world building, etc.
The first thing I want to design is a player model in 2D, and to do that, I need concept art first.
I want a hand-drawn design for the character you see in the pictures I’m sending down below.

  • Further details
    He’s a knight from a futuristic sci-fi setting, holding a big katana (kind of like an odachi) on his left hand. He’s wearing a distinct white helmet (reference down below), a light white armor set (good enough for fast mobility) and a shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He’s a bit shinobi/samurai-esque in terms of design, but think of him like the Jedi from Star Wars.

I will accept all the art submitted by you and figure out the definitive design for my character. I’ll give more details for the game in due time.


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