My desert scene

So here is my desert scene:

I set the altitude for the sky to 1200m because the Gobi desert’s distance from the sea level is something like that. (I wonder why Stephen set the altitude to 12000m that seems a bit too high.) The sun elevation is 2 degrees and the sun intensity is 0.320. Air 1; Dust 2.5; Ozone maxed out.


Hi Devviktoria,

The only reason I set the altitude that high is that I liked the sky color it gave me. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of using the Blender sky, (although I’ve seen some really nice results by others). I’d rather have use a really high res HDRI, but then I’d have to license it for the course, and I also wanted to make sure we used the node at least a few times in the course so everyone knew it was there.


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