My CYOA- Belly Of The Beast

Hi! I want to share my idea for a CYOA game, it’s an idea I wanted to try for a while and this is a good excuse.

The Theme is Lovecraftian

Summary: One moment you’re asleep, the next, the whole world turned on its axis with an ominous crunching sounds. The town’s spooky old myths had appeared to come true, The beast has come for you all. Emerging from the depths of whatever hell it slumbered for all those years. But you’re still alive, for now… Escaping this place is your only chance to survive, slight as it may be. In this, you’re somehow certain.

The idea is that a creature has swollen a town, the player is one of the town’s citizens and he has a time limit to escape…until he is digested I guess? (gruesome, I know). I hope to include puzzles, and clues based on images and sounds. My thought was that since its actually a living thing, the dungeon room condition or situation keep changing given time.

Some Images for reference:

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That’s a creative idea - can’t say I have seen a film or read a book with something similar. Will be interesting to see how the idea plays out.

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