My Customised BlockBreaker Game

So I spent the whole Saturday adding and changing small things to my game, and thought to share my small experience.
So I googled and found some nice free game assets, I added some fruits which adds some points on collision, I made unbreakable blocks actually breakable, added three lives icons on top, added some sounds.
So I spent a lot of time in beginning, but in the end like adding three lives, took me like 10 mins, so I’m happy how much I learned in this course.

Made only two levels, just for testing purposes, there is a lot that can be done, but there is not time, need to move on to next game, and keep learning,

if anyone needs any explanation of how anything was done, would be happy to share,
Good luck to everyone

Happy Learning!!


Your game has some great sounds, especially the Ball Lost sound…sounds like a frustrated baby. :heart_eyes: Got stuck though on level two, ball affected by friction and slows down to a snail slow motion. Also gets stuck in the corner. For some reason also, ball passes through blocks which are just partially broken, especially when it is moving fast.

Otherwise super great look.

Thank You so much for playing in it and Your feedback :slight_smile:

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