My current Version of Laser Defender Clone

Here is my version of Laser Defender Clone.


If the above link doesn’t work, here is another link.


Long ago Humans had abandoned Earth to explore and colonized other worlds. With mankind massive destructed behavior on Earth cease, life from the sea once again was able to flourish and evolved. Unfortunately, Earth had become over populated with sea life. Like their predecessors, the Humans, they had decided to leave Earth. Sadly, their never ending need to procreate didn’t go too well with the Humans.

War broke loose!

The war between Humans and Sea-lings lasted for years with no end. Unfortunately, the Human race have exhausted their soldiers. The only one left standing to defend the remaining civilian is you.

A few screen shots of my game.

Title Screen

Keyboard and XBox 360 Controls. I originally intended to add a 2nd type of weapon and Items. Hence why the text N/A In This Version exist. Those will come in the near future.

A shield will appeared during re-spawn when the player’s ship has been destroyed. The three panels on the side above the text Lives was meant for a item selector, but I haven’t figure out how to implement it.

I’ve notice a part of my script didn’t get build into the build. Strange! When the player ship is destroy, the player shouldn’t be able to move at all. I know it works fine in the editor. I will have to go back and see what went wrong.

There are a few things, I still want to try to implement, but that would have to wait.


hey there,
really great game.
the ship looks beautiful, and the fruits certainly do look menacing.
nice job with their shooting effects too.
and the health bar/shield bar those are very well done (may i ask how did you handle them?)
everything was great :slight_smile: good job. very well done game, i can not honestly wait to see your Future games (glitch garden, zombie runner or even Ahoy Matey).

good job and keep up the good work.

Hi MoMutrz,

Do they look like fruits to you? How strangely coincidence, a friend of mind told me my Sea Anemones looked like carrots. That’s not good. I guess I should redraw them. They are actually based off of sea creatures.

The health and shield bars are Unity UI Slider. Since I’m using Unity 5.4, the UI Sliders were already part of the editor. All I had to do was add them to my hierarchy. Than, I went into the inspector and made minor adjustments. Of course, a few lines of code are required to get them to work.

The inspector, for the Slider UI, includes a couple of fields for value input. All I had to do is link my Slider to the appropriate script, and than change the value of my Slider via the script to show the bar decrease from left to right. Of course, I did do a little extra adjustment just to make them look better than default.

Since I used Unity 5.4, I’m not sure if prior version have the Slider UI build in.

It’s getting late here. If you like, I can post my code in the morning.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Awesome Job!!!

Great Job on the enemies!

hehe, they certainly look like fruits, it totally didnt cross my mind that, they are actually sea creatures :smiley:
(especially the sea anemones :smiley: )
and thanks for telling me about the Health bars no need for posting the code i just wanted to know whether you used the UI element or made then from actual sprites.

because they certainly look like legit health bars made by sprites and stuff good job.
also, any tips and sources on learning how to draw ( i’ve been into programming and i’d like to know a little bit of art).

thanks for your response. and keep up the good work.

Thanks you Amhadinger!

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Thank You!

You want tips and source for drawing?
What I’m about to say may sound crazy to some.

Lots and Lots of Practice!
Practice the fundamental of drawing religiously.
Study Color Theory Religiously.
Do at least one drawing a day.
Draw from life.
Do Master Study, but for the purpose of learning and not just coping for the sake of copying.
Examine something you want to draw thoroughly. Than see if you can draw it without looking at it.
If you’re more into the stylized drawing, fundamental are still very important.

As for sources,
Here are some free tutorials in digital painting. These may be little difficult to get into unless you
already know the fundamentals.

Feng Zhu (Realistic Art Style)

Robot Pencil has some free Tutorials (Realistic Art Style)

This isn’t free, but the prices are affordable.


There seem to be some issue with right now. People are telling me the site keeps timing out. I can’t even get to my game, other games and the upload page.

Here is an additional link to the game.

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itch IO is great
and many thanks for the recommendations :slight_smile: as i said before looking forward for your future games . keep us updated mate :slight_smile:

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