My Crystal Cavern player pawn isn't responding to inputs and I'm not sure why

I’m on the “Adding Torque” lecture and have followed the coding instructions carefully instructions but the PC marble isn’t responding to player inputs. I’ve gone back through a few lectures to make sure I didn’t miss anything and aside from using a different version of Unreal (4.25.0) than the lecture set I think it’s all correct.

I had started on this project once before but had to stop for a long while, so I restarted this from scratch rather than pickup where I left off on the old project. I think I remember running into a similar issue back then but I was able to fix and move on then. I don’t remember what it was that I needed to do at the time. I booted up the old project to compare with, but now its PC marble also isn’t responding to inputs.

I’ve attached screenshots of the PC marble BP and the Project Settings>Input window, let me know if there’s anything else that would help identify the problem. (I know the Axis value on Torque Y is excessively high, at one point while debugging I tried adding a couple more 0s in case the scaling had changed somehow. The marble shooting off into the distance would have been enough to tell me I just had the numbers too low somehow).

I can’t tell from the screenshots provided but is the static mesh set to simulate physics?

Thanks for replying! I think it is, Simulate Physics is set to True. Here’s a screenshot:

Ok, what are the collision settings?

Here’s a screenshot of the PC Marble BP scrolled down to collision and that section expanded:

I haven’t made any changes to it, so it should all be the defaults.

Ok, just to make sure. When you press play, have you tried clicking on the viewport for your game before attempting to move?

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That was the problem, it looks like it’s working now! Thanks!

Awesome! Sometimes the viewport isn’t given focus when you press play.

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