My constellation building twist on Brick Breaker took more than 10 MONTHS!

Sorry for the long post, but I’ve waited 10 months for this.
Hey guys,
I took the course nearly two years ago. I made the course games, I made some more games, but nothing that I was proud enough to publish.
So before the new year started (yeah, back in December) I decided I was finally going to publish a game. Since I knew that I was going to obsess over every single detail and not release it until I thought it was my best work, I decided to keep it simple and make the first real game that I ever programmed: Brick Breaker.
(Yeah, I don’t really count Number Wizard or Text Adventure :stuck_out_tongue: )

My idea evolved from the basketball hitting bricks to countless other versions over the past 10 months, but I think I finally came up with a unique twist on the Brick Breaker genre.

Seeing Stars shares the same core mechanic as Brick Breaker, but with a new constellation building twist. I also played with things like paddle curvature and gravity settings to try to make it the most fun on mobile and in portrait mode. The game is also now infinite instead of level based. I’m especially proud of the inter-planetary menu system that was a major pain to deal with (coroutines galore). I’m really proud to share it with you and I would love to hear any feedback that you have.

The game is free of course, but if you leave a comment below telling me something that I can do to make the game better (no matter how big or small) I’ll send you a promo code to remove all of the advertisements.

Here is the link for the iOS App Store:
and Google Play:

Thanks for being the best game dev community on the planet, I can’t wait to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

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Hey man, I played your game on my Android tablet. It’s awesome to see someone from the very same course I’m doing make something of their own. It’s an unusual game. I like it. The art style is cool, the effects when the asteroid hits the paddle are cool, sounds are cool. Nice work.

Suggestions: I died very quickly the first few times. Even now I’m more used to it, it’s a hard game. Basically, I think the paddle is too small. Either you should start it off bigger, or implement some sort of progression system to upgrade the paddle. In its current state, it’s not something I would play for more than a few mins. That could be a lot of work though, so I understand if this is how you want to leave the game.

Overall, awesome work. What I love most is how you made the basic game your own. This is no longer just another clone based off the course, it’s your game. Keep it up!

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