My Completed Game!

Can’t for in the future when I am much better to redo this game and look back on my progress!!!

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Nice job on your completed game, the scene has lots of details with the trees and houses, and there’s a nice road paths, if you just put an hour a day, you’ll see large improvements in skill, I’m assuming the snowboarder is the next game for you, can’t wait to see your future progress.

Note- if you are taking the 2D unity course in it’s entirety, I’d recommend this order:
Delivery driver
Quiz master
Space invaders

The only reason I say this is because you’ll fly right though the short snowboarder game and lots of people struggle to go through the quiz master because of the large increases in difficulty, however tilevania is easier because it builds on what you already know, wheras quiz master introduces new things such as Buttons, Timers, and lots of complicated stuff.

Idk why I haven’t said this to everyone, just crossed my mind now

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