My Completed Dungeon Scene (with Notes)

Going through the final few lessons has been a fun way to piece together a lot of the different modules, assets, and concepts of the entire section into a full-on dungeon – so I figured I’d share how it turned out.

I created a project on Behance with a lot of details, and also rendered out a mini “walkthrough” video:

One thing to note is that for the entire floor layout, I utilized Geometry Nodes to generate instances of the sone tiles and scatter them randomly across a larger square plane. This greatly helped with building out an expansive set of floors that went… well beyond… the single square I started with :laughing::

From there, I filled it out with even moar crates, barrels, spinning crystal monkeys, and multi-colored torches:

Ultimately, I ended up rendering the scene in Cycles – as I really love the way it synthesizes complex lights and shadows – and this even allowed me to experiment with some volumetric fog and beam of moonlight that one could imagine shining through some openings in whatever deep, cavernous lair this dungeon happens to be inhabiting:

Of course, there’s so much more I could add/tweak/polish – but this felt like a good first pass to share for now :smiley:


This looks so good!


Looking, Sounding Good …


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