My Completed and Enhanced BullCowGame

Hello everyone,

After taking some time to finally get trough this, I finally finished my Bulls & Cows Game !

It’s mainly the same as the one in the course, but I added a nice twist to it :

You start the game by specifying a difficulty level (easy, medium or hard) and a random word is chosen from a list according the selected difficulty.

You can find the github for it here and have a look : BullCowGame Enhanced !
The initial commit is the final version from the course and the others are my modifications.

Since I’m still a student without a lot of experience and not the best coding habits, I’d like to have a second opinion on my code formatting and the design choices I did and an eventual better solution, since my method is a bit too heavy in my opinion.

Anyway thanks for anyone stopping by and looking at my code, have a great holiday season, and see you around on Section 3 !

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