My Collections aren't right

In Mikey’s Chessboard, he has 22 pieces and 4 Empties.
Control - Left Click to choose Chessboard, Pieces, Empties

In mine, I do not. Plus I seem to have White Pieces (without the symbols next to them- where I’ve circled in 2nd pic) in the Black Pieces collection plus a White Pieces collection (3rd bottom pic).

My Chessboard does not have 18 pieces and 4 empties

My Black Pieces also have white pieces

Also My White Pieces

I tried deleting the White Pieces (the pic where the yellow circle is on the right side) out of the Black Pieces collection but all the white pieces disappeared, even though the White Pieces Collection (bottom pic) are still there. How do I remove the duplicated White Pieces in the Black Pieces collection and why do they disappear when I delete those?

How do I put the Black and White Pieces into Chessboard like Mikey has so I can Control/Left Click and it chooses the Chessboard, all pieces and 4 empties?


That is so hard to sort out and explain in words.

Your White pieces empty seems to be in the Black pieces Collection. But the things parented to it are greyed out as they are in a different collection. That may start to untangle the issue.

Your white collection in the last image, has not got the white pieces empty in it.

Perhaps the simplest way is to rewatch the videos and with a new copy of you file unparent everything, and follow just the parenting and collection arranging parts of the lectures. Then you will not need to worry about the making parts and they are already done.

In the end collections, are a personal choice of organisation and tidiness. You can be different to Mikey’s way.

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I didn’t notice that the white pieces empty was not in there. That is undoubtedly the problem. Yes, I was going to rewatch the parenting video.

I was very interested in exactly what you need to export for a game. And this helps answer it.

Collections are a bit mysterious. In that they don’t resemble the way a folder on your pc works.
If you group items using parent-child relationships with empties. Those children may be part of different collections too! Which can introduce some confusion.

The reason you don’t have those symbols is because they’re parented and blender shows them as a copy that is not to be modified. If you check you’ll see you might have them appear somewhere else. It’s because of the inheritance. It’s actualy a lot smarter than it seems, but it can get confusing.

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Is there a way to unparent the ghosted White Pieces from the Black Pieces Collection without those White Pieces disappearing? Those ghosted White Pieces disappear off of my Chess Board if I delete them, even though there is the White Pieces collection that is not ghosted (third pic).

And you think that the third picture showing the White Piece collection might be…somewhere?

I would just select and ‘drag and drop’ in the outliner, the white pieces empty into the White pieces Collection. That might well be all that is needed. It should not need unparenting as the parenting in not the ‘wrong’ part, it is the locations in the collections.

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After you remove the parent they might move away from your scene. They won’t get deleted. Try to unparent and keep transform. You can also use the search tool above the layer select. Annotation 2021-03-29 155421
I didn’t parent them to an empty, I only parented them to the chess board since it made a lot more sense and the chess board to the table. Try making things that make sense to you rather than doing exactly how Michael is. Especialy in the next section where it’s a lot to digest.