My Code Not Working Unreal Engine and not show Code Unreal Engine Display

Did you successfully compile? And is the component attached to the actor?


Could you show the components list of the terminal actor?

Please Video share actors components

I’m asking for this

sir my problem not solve. My BullCowGame C++ Code is Correct but not display code to run. I am focusing on this problem for 5 - 7 days. please solve this problem

Try to save the file open your VS Code from Developer Command Prompt.

I save file but not showing display code

You haven’t shown the components like I asked. I’m assuming you didn’t attach the bull cow cartridge to the terminal as is done towards the end of “Actors and Components”

I am saving but not code run

I didn’t say you weren’t. You are seemingly ignoring what I’ve asked. Please show the Terminal’s components list as shown here

Yas This Trick Use But Not Working [2020-12-09 14_05_22-BullCowGame - Unreal Editor]

You’re still not doing what I ask. I can’t help you unless you do.

Please show the components list

yes this trick apply but not working

For the last time, could you please show a screenshot of what I’m asking for?

My Code Not Working. Please solve this problem
Uploading: Screenshot (248).png…

There’s no sceenshot there. Please wait for it to finish uploading before posting.

My Code Not Working. Please solve this problem. Problem Solve.

Almost. Could you show the details panel of the terminal.

Again I’m asking for the components list of the terminal

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