My Class Methods

Probably not “right”, because I’m not 100% sure where to imply the correct prefixes…

class FBullCowGame
    void Reset(); //TODO make a more rich return value.
    int GetMaxTries(); //How many tries to guess
    void GetWord(); //Pick word from dictionary
    void GetAmountOfCharacters(); //Count characters of picked word
    int ShowAmountOfCharacters(); //Show amount of characters
    void GetAnswer(); //Get answer of player
    void CompareAnswerToChosenWord(); //Compare answer of player to the picked word
    int ShowBulls(); //Show amount of Bulls
    int ShowCows(); //Show amount of Cows
    int GetNewMaxTries(); //Show new amount of tries left to guess word
    int MyCurrentTry;
    int MyMaxTries;
    int MyBullsAndCows;

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