My Chess Set - From Reference to Final Renders

This section was really cool. I feel like I learned a lot. Below you can find my chess pieces and final renders. The last 4 renders display a famous game between Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov.







Final Scene

I changed the texture of the chessboard. I initially went with adding a texture per square and duplicating that to all squares of the same colour and keeping the rosewood texture around that, like we did in the lecture. However, I found the squares to be quite repetitive, so I made the whole playing field from one piece of wood and changed the squares’ colour in GIMP. This way uses more memory for rendering and in game, but on the upside: there’s no texture repetition between all squares from the same colour, as the grooves carry on from one square to the next.

The wooden pieces use a seamless texture with settings “generated” and “tube” for mapping coordinates.

If you want to use the textures, you can find them here:


Center Diffuse

Outer Diffuse

Bump map

Reflection Map


Light diffuse

Dark diffuse

Bump map

Reflection map

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Colour me impressed. The pieces are really well crafted and the render looks great!

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