My charcter gets stuck

Hello GameDev team,

First thanks for the work put in the course it’s so simpilfied and easy to understand, but I have a small problem that my charcter is stuck in the ground randomly when I make hills so my world is pretty flat to avoid this and it also sometimes just respawns me as I hit my head while I don’t touch the ground with my head, and everything looks good no problems at all, I don’t even know where is the problem coming from.

Kindly Thanks for anyone who responses.

Hi Mostafa,

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Could you please share screenshots of what you see in Unity? Also share a screenshot of the landscape and the moment when the player gets stuck.

Those are some Examples

To solve the problem in your first screenshot, you could try to set the Collision Detection of “Rick’s” Rigidbody2D component to “Continuous”?

Regarding the second screenshot, I think the problem might be the shape of the landscape. The snowboard is too long and cannot be on the snow. However, maybe “Continuous” solves that problem as well. If not, try to redesign your landscape in a new level, which you create for testing purposes.

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