My character won't fall when the platform disappear

As the title said, i tried to delay the platform re-appear for 3s but still can’t do it

Thanks in advance.

i’m currently on section 3: obstacle Assault

i tried to make the platform completely disappear then re-appear and still doesn’t work, help please?

Do you have a project that you can send for me to have a look at?

I’m new to unreal so i don’t know how to send my project to you so i did what i assumed, here is the link to my project, i’m using C++, and you want to look at MovingPlatform.cpp, thanks you!

Here my MovingPlatform if what i assumed is wrong.

You’re moving the platform whilst the character is on it, it’s going to move with it.

Disable the collision on the platform and hide it then wait a tick so that the character has a chance to start falling before moving it again.

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