My Character playing sound in every hit

My Player playing sound in every hit, and I don’t want it, because when 2 or more enemy attacking together, the sound played almost simultaneously

How to fix this?

That’s actually a tricky one, because each weapon’s sound goes to a different AudioSource.

You have to have a way to determine if there is an AudioSource already playing, which is tricky because you have multiple AudioSources…

So let’s create a new class

public class  LockingAudioSource : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] private AudioSource source;
    public static bool isPlaying = false;
    public void PlayClip()
        if (isPlaying) return;
        isPlaying = true;

    private IEnumerator ClearWhenClipPlayed()
        while (source.isPlaying)
            yield return null;

Add this to the same GameObject as the AudioSource and assign the AudioSource to the source field.
Instead of linking to AudioSource.Play(), instead link to LockingAudioSource.PlayClip();

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