My Character Bust so Far

A little sneak preview of the bust and how its coming along.


Looking good, gone down to well done shoulders too.

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Thanks for saying so, its my first time sculpting in 3d or in general so my knowledge on how good or bad is lacking.

I like the work done so far!
In my opinion, it has good proportions and clean facial features.
I’m no professional, but I appreciate, when a character creates a reaction. Does it make me laugh, am I scared of it, does it look like a likable character? If it makes me feel indifferent, that’s not good.
Looking forward to see the final render!


Thank you for the kind words, i agree that i want the viewer to feel something just dont know what yet. I believe i have a good skin suit now the hard part of adding the soul with the eyes and color. Hope to have a final render soon that wont disappoint.