My Certification Journey in 15 Days


I took and pass the exam at Unite Singapore 2017 on this November. Honestly I’ve only 15 days (2 weeks) times to prepare. As you know Singapore is one of the expensive city on the world. Poorly I’ve no budget for trip and stay. :smile:

Luckily my boss, he was sponsor me to go to even and take exam. I got only 2 weeks to prepare. I’m 2 yrs + experience with Unity. First I took this course on Udemy and start learning. 2 hr per days. I very thanks to @ben and @sampattuzzi for this course. I was finished Oct 30. I’m very very excited about exam. I didn’t take the Mock Up exam 2.

When I arrive Singapore I took the MockUp exam 2 and I wanna die. That was very difficult for me. :scream::scream::scream: Nooooo I can’t fail on this exam so I didn’t sleep at Nov 1 night, watch the whole course with 2x speed. I’m so worried about exam.

Nov 2, attend to Key Note and go to exhibition hall. I’m so tired and wanna sleep. I meet with my friend, he is also take the exam and he already bought the official unity course ware. We locking the course ware quiz together for 2 hours.

After that exam start! I so excited about that. I took 40 minutes to complete exam and my result below. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Sorry for my bad English.


Fabulously well done, @minthiha! I’m so sorry that the timed exam spooked you. It does say at the beginning that it’s harder than the real thing. As you can see, you pass exceptionally well!