My cat image diappeared. What happened?

Hello, I was trying to make a mnor improvement to this cat spin program. A third button to reset the cat image to home posistion, but some how my work made my cat image disappear, and I cannot bring it back.
I have tried to delete the game object and to recreat it, but the image is still invisible in the game. It shows up fine in hte assest window. The script lines that I added to the spnner script are:

public void ResetRotation() {
StopSpinning ();
// a Quaternion identity is a vector = <0,0,0,0>
transform.rotation = Quaternion.identity;

It took me a while to debug it, but it’s very simple once perfected. It now shows up as a function option just like StopRotation and StratRotaion. It is a new part of the spinner script.

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