My Castle

I drew it on paper, and scanned it to get good quality, but it still looks way brighter than it really is. Don’t worry - I did shade the outer walls!

A million thanks to Grant for this course, I never thought drawing would be this much fun! I initially bought it to complement the 3D course, as to be able to draw reference images myself, but I might just drop 3D in favour of 2D! Hahahahah! Just kidding, though. Much appreciated!


Wow man- looking good!
Only tip I’d give is to use heavier lines in certain areas but it might just because it’s a scan :grin:
Keep it up!

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You’re right, many of my lines aren’t heavy enough, I can’t blame the scanning for everything. I’ll be keeping it up, but still I won’t rush through the course, I want to internalise everything I can. Many thanks for the kind words, though!

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wonderful stuff :slight_smile:

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