My case for version control


Today, I brought the Git course from Prior to a few days ago, I didn’t know what Git was and I didn’t use it.

There was a time where it really could have saved me from doing work again. I was following along with a Unity tutorial from the YouTube account Brackey’s. It was his Cubathon tutorial and I was nearly finished with the tutorial and I started episode 10 when in that episode, he instructs me to delete a scene in my game.

I deleted that scene without saving it. It ruined the animation and scripting work that I had did, and worse, I couldn’t fix it. I tried following along, but I couldn’t fix it. After trying to use 2 discord servers to fix it, I eventually decided to label it broken and try again.

I have completed it now, but on one of the Discord servers, someone suggested I use Git in the future for version control. I didn’t know how to use Git at the time, and I tried to follow along with a YouTube video, but I couldn’t get it to work.

However, I am taking this course now because of Udemy’s recent sale, and I hope I can get Git set up properly, ready for when it is needed.