My cartoon-inspired chess set display - animating depth of field and camera

Hello everyone!

Very excited to share my completed high poly chess set. I had a lot of fun playing around with the camera animation of the location and depth of field. I love the effect you can create! I feel like I have my DSLR in my hand!

My animated showcase, click on the play button to see it!

And an animation of the pieces doing the Queen’s Gambit opening (this time rendered with Cycles):

Now the full team in focus :slight_smile:

You’ll notice that my chess pieces have a cartoon feel to them as I modeled them after these drawings. Maybe I’ll add the mouths and eyes at some point but I’m already liking how they look without them. The knight is the one who would benefit the most from adding the mouth as the shape of the original cartoon doesn’t make that much sense without it! I may also play a bit more with the material of the pieces themselves to give them a more realistic look.

Here are a few more renders of my pieces:

And a final one playing against the Queen’s Gambit opening (yes, yes, I just watched the TV show!). I’m rendering a small animation of the pawns going into position. I’ll upload it later when it’s rendered.

Next steps: 3D printing! My hope is to get a 3D printer in a few weeks, I’ll try to print these ones out!

I’d love to hear what you think and get some ideas for improvements! :slight_smile: Sorry for the tons of pictures!!



Great achievement! A really nice set and render.

The first image is a bit strange, Eevee maybe?
Especially the shadows.

3D printing wow.
But a 3D model doesn’t mean it will be immediately ready to be printed.
Modifiers like subdivisions don’t work, you need to apply them.
Blender has an add-on, in the preferences, which helps you to prepare models for 3D printing.

So us your progress, we all are interested!

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Thanks @FedPete! :slight_smile:

The first image is actually a video, I used Eevee indeed as it takes way too long to render with cycles, even with the GPU (maybe I’ll learn some tricks to reduce the rendering time in the next section!). I played around with the Eevee settings but had a hard time getting nice shadows. I’ll try to re-render the whole video with cycles (although my computer sounds like a rocket ship when I do :smile:)

Good point about applying all the transforms for 3D printing, I’ll have quite some things to learn before playing chess with my 3D printed pieces eheh


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Just edited the first video, it’s now rendered with cycles instead of Eevee, the shadows look much better!

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I really like the design of these! Nicely done!

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