My Building Escape take

Here’s my Building Escape:

It took me a few days to do it, probably around 10hrs total.
At first I tried to download assets from the store but it didn’t really inspire me so I ended up using the Starter Content only, and it was hard to build a level with it.

Also I experienced the Unreal pitch rotation bug, which apparently has been there for 5+ years… Honestly quite underwhelming to see something that basic not even work properly, and worse the engine doesn’t even give you a warning about it. Kinda wtf from a software engineering perspective…

I also wanted to use 2 different sounds for door opening and closing, and it made me realize that the findComponentByClass method we used is limited to use cases where you expect only 1 component of the class. I looked a bit at the GetComponents methods but they all seemed overly complicated (no idea why there’s no equivalent to the findComponentByClass that returns an array), and there was also the problem of discriminating which audio component is what, relying on the index would be bad code, so I gave up on this.

I still managed to implement my little puzzle idea with several interruptors for one door, and also the interruptors “grabbing” the cubes, so there’s that.

Part of me can’t wait to get better technically to turn my ideas into reality, part of me is getting quite frustrated with the engine…

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Honestly I feel you about the engine. It is constantly fighting me :sweat_smile: