My Building Escape after Using Linear Interpolation lecture

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In this lecture we use linear interpolation(lerp when we use it as a function). It was kind of hard for me honestly, What lerp does is do function till the target is reached(That’s what I think, If you’ve got any more to this and FInterpConstantTo as well as FInterpTo then please tell me I’m really scratching my head around this).

Pls tell me more about this as I’ve not got everything to it. Why and when should we use it. How does it work I haven’t got these things till now.

UE Editor before play-

UE Editor after play-

(I’m not able to upload as the file is bigger, But it just looks look like a door opening)

VS Code-

Do like, reply, and please help me with this lecture, I got like 40% of it.

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Great job for figuring out the first 40%. You actually helped me understand it more :smiley:

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Hello @Kevin-Brandon

Thanks! But I’ve still not got the rest of the lecture. It’ll be really helpful if you help me out with the rest of the lecture.

Take care,

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