My Building Escape after Rotating An Actor With Code lecture

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In this lecture we discuss how to rotate the door with code. We use a lot of new functions here.

VS code(This is a new component of the door, no changes in header file)-

UE Editor(before play)-

UE Editor(after play)-

I just rotated the door to 70.f instead of 90.f

Make sure your door’s rotation is 0, or else you won’t get the expected result.

Do like and reply, If you’ve got any suggestions feel free to tell them to me.

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P.S. - I added one more point light to my room.

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I love this! Keep this up! You will help the engagement in this section of the Unreal Forum.

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Hi @Kevin-Brandon

Thank you! Sure, I’ll post anything changed in the project(even if its not shown in the lecture).

Take care,

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