My Brick Breaker game

Just uploaded my Brick Breaker game, I tried a few extra things that we haven’t been shown as yet - some worked, some didn’t… hehe.
I’m loving this experience and I’m very excited about what’s next.


Nice work! The particle effects on the ball are a very cool idea, and I like the improvements to the graphics. I also love the idea of the spinning parts, but I did not make it to that level unfortunately.

My suggestion for the next game is to try a color palette of non primary colors to improve the looks.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
I’ve only glanced at some of the color theory and the ideas around palettes, I’ll most likely give that a lot more attention once I start on my own small project.
For now I still need to wrap my head around all the code and complete the course.
Busy with the Lazer Defender section now, and wow, I tell you what wow :smiley: