My Bowling Set

Hello everyone,

Here is my first render on the bowling pins and ball set.


Great outcome. Dimension is good.
Maybe the base of the pin, too much egg shape …?


Hi FedPete. Very true. That will be my homework… :grinning:.


Good models bar the mentioned and common issue of bases that are not flat. The pins are probably closer than ‘regulation’ lay out too.

Thanks for the feedback guys. It’s much appreciated. Trying to fix the base it’s a challenge with my current skills. What I have done is to select a couple of the lower loops, remove edges and fill. It seems to be fixed but the pins are shortened. I tried several ways to restore the original height like sliding or modifying the scale. I made a mess and I gave up. I’ll keep trying. Anyway, it was a nice opportunity to practise “linking” a some of the concepts I have learned so far.

Thanks again.


Really good update. Yes, it is hard in the beginning to change and update tiny problems.
But we appreciate you trying it a second time. Practice is the key.
And the next time you need a vase, you remember this lesson and do it much quicker.

But to be honest, ...

I still find it difficult to work with curves (bezier) … For a pin like shape like this. I probably use a cylinder.

Great job!

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