My Bowling Alley - sketchfab texture issues


I want to share my bowling alley model. Also - I have a problem with applying textures in SkethcFab. Here is sketchfab version:

And here is rendered image from Blender:

In SketchFab jpg source is selected correctly, but as result I get only color similar to jpg file. Has anyone run into the same problem?


I’ve been exploring this situation as well. My examples:

After more thoroughly reading the instructions of how to pack textures and uploading the file, either directly from Blender or as a .blend from my computer, I found that you can essentially re-texture your model in Sketchfab. Additionally, Sketchfab isn’t as powerful as Blender in the types of materials and textures it supports. So some of the textures that wow in Blender don’t transfer well into Sketchfab.

I have come to the opinion that Sketchfab is great for showing models, however scenes and animations are best left to be done by Blender.


I like your French ‘flower’ on top of the King.