My "Boost" so far

Hello everyone,

Thanks for taking a look here. This is my current build of Project Boost. There are 6 levels plus a splash screen. I also modified the camera behavior to follow the player’s rocket around.

My question for prospective players is about the rocket’s handling. Is it too heavy? The lesson and some other demos I have seen have much faster, more nimble rockets than mine so I wonder how people feel about it.

I cut together a quick and dirty trailer for the game after I saw I was only getting about a good 5 seconds of gameplay on video. So it exceeds the 20 second limit (clocks in at 30 seconds or so). It can be seen here:

My game:

Game controls are as with the lesson (SPACE to thrust, A and D to rotate).


I thought he rocket handled pretty well. Also I thought it was interesting how it would go back to the previous level if you crash, not as harsh as making one start all over again. And the progression of difficulty in levels seemed good too.

Thank you for the feedback

I really dislike how heavy the rocket feels and unpredictable the boosting is. My game had a similar problem though, its just I put the thrust at some obscene number lol. What I noticed is that as you hold space the rocket seems to jump forward at times as it gains momentum or something? Also, if you try releasing space to try and control you end up losing this momentum way too much and even though I am thrusting the rocket just keeps falling. It takes a bit of time to build up thrust to get anywhere which makes it very hard to navigate obstacles imo.

Those are my takes on the controls and a quick play of it.

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