My Blockbreaker - Turti's World


Hi guys!

After finishing the Blockbreaker course, I really wanted to “finish” the game. It ended up taking more time then I thought but learned quite a bit. Most of the games art came from my brother, so I had help there. :slight_smile:

It is available for Android and iOS devices:

Quick remark: there is nothing you need to buy in the game and the Ads are optional / never forced. For me it was more about how the stuff works.

If some of you have time, I would love to hear your feedback!


Hi David,

This is such a lovely game! I ran it via Bluestacks so was playing via the mouse rather than touch, but having had a quick go I will definitely install it to my mobile later.

One of the things I really like about your game is the message that it sends, recycle, clear up our oceans. The Boss was fab too, loved the bottles sticking out of his/her head. Nice idea with the rubbish gradually moving towards the beach. I also like that you have consistency, for example, the harder to break “blocks” are the barrels, which fits with the theme of the game, the two hit “blocks” appear to be the cans, and the sprite updates to reflect it’s been hit.

You have included a load of functionality in your game that I’ve not even looked at yet, although I did spot the high scores (sadly I didn’t quite do well enough) and customisation, unlocks etc.

Really fun audio, graphics a really enjoyable game. Well done for not only completing your game but also launching it via the app store, and of course to your brother for his art! :slight_smile:


Hi Rob

Thank you very much for the response, it’s great to hear some feedback!

At the moment I’m doing the same thing with Glitch Garden and then I’ll venture into 3D. :smiley:


You’re very welcome and I will look forward to seeing what you make based on that genre. :slight_smile: