My BlockBreaker Game - with powerups and fancy particles

Just uploaded my Block Breaker game from the 2D course, However I did put in more features than what was required.

Some of the things I added were:

  1. Powerups / abilities such as being able to push the ball away with LMB or pull it in with RMB, and also a special block that spawns 2 more balls.
  2. I Made it so the blocks can move and/or spin in the scene, either in world or local space.
  3. Added a checkbox to set the blocks to a random color, and all impact particles will take the color of the block they spawned from (regardless if random color or set manualy).
  4. The impact sparks when hitting a block will shoot out to the side that the ball hit, I also added a crumbling effect on impact so it looks like pieces of the block fall down.
  5. Made all original art and audio assets, even if I followed the style from the example material I made them my own.
  6. Lives system, loose a life and your current score restets.
  7. A “Total Score” counter that gets added to after each level from your current score.
    I did put in the feature that after each level the total score would “count up” to it’s new sum, but that stoped working for whatever reason and at that point I had already wasted more than enough time on adding things that barely anyone will give a second glance.

From this little project I’ve learned that it’s very easy to over scope.
But it was still very fun to make the game.

This game was very well done! I enjoyed the concept of moving blocks. I completed it without fail. Mostly because I created a super hard one myself and learned how to use the paddle really well. If you want, here is the link to my game.

Thanks man.
Since I wanted to have family and friends play my game I made sure that it wasn’t too difficult.
And the idea of moving blocks came out of the fact that the ball would frequently get stuck in a endless loop vertically.

You weren’t kidding about you game beeing brutal (especially since I’m so used to my own version).
I think your game had a nice sence of the ball getting faster and faster, and I like that your ball has more of a arcing bounce.
Also I must applaud you for making 31 levels, I was struggling to make 5.

Thank you for the feedback. I made it hard so my family and friends would get frustrated. Haha!

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