My Block Breaker: Knock-Off

Only two levels, the rest is DLC :money_mouth_face:

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Hey Vizi,

Well done on completing this section of the course and publishing your game :slight_smile:

I like the power-up sprites, these are kind of fun and the features that they provide. I think I only actually got to use two of them. I liked the level design for the second level, again, fun. The font/colours are also complimentary.

I would love to see you add more features to this, perhaps;

  • lives - only having one life is painful
  • additional/different scoring mechanic - the score is almost redundant as it will always be the number of blocks that the player has destroyed, you could consider things like a bonus timer, score multiplier power-up, score loss when the player loses a life and so on
  • staggered power-ups - if you consider your game a story, at the moment you’ve dumped the thrilling ending in the first level. You could consider spreading the power-ups/game features out more so that the player gets to experience them more slowly and learns how to use them. This would also add more longevity to the game itself. As an example, I learnt on the second level that the beak of the bird increased the speed of the ball, one bounce later it was game over. The beak was the first thing I hit.
  • more levels!

I look forward to seeing any further updates you make to your game :slight_smile:

I’m glad you liked the game. What you listed are all excellent ideas to improve it, unfortunately this will probably stay in the tech-demo-like state it currently is. There is a lot left to learn in this course, and I also hone my skills in Blender, try to fit all that into evenings, weekends and holidays.

(Names are written in opposite order in my country, so Vizi is my family name :slight_smile: )

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I completely understand and I hope. You enjoy the rest tof the course(s).

My apologies regarding your name Balázs, I didnt realise. :slight_smile:

No need to apologize, name order is ambiguous around the world. I changed it in the profile settings, the site uses English after all.

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