My Block Breaker Game

Completed the Block Breaker game with only a few small flourishes from the original. Block colors determine how much health they have left, blocks are randomly assigned strength at level launch with increasing strength at later levels.

I will create an improved version based on challenges later, but want to get in the habit of sharing as Ben encourages.

Glad that you shared your work @Scott_Turnbull, the game is very fluid and your art is very good! Congratulations!

Thanks. Can’t take credit for any of the artwork. I’m trying to keep a credits section on the README of each of the section games I develop. The blocks/balls assets are from Kenney Assets and the backgrounds mostly from Upsplash with level 3 bg being from the courses assets.

I think I’m going to work on a scrolling credits scene that I can import as a package into any game I develop for awhile.

@Scott_Turnbull, even thought the artwork not being made by you, you was the one choosing which artwork you would use, the font, the color and how to use it.
Choosing the right elements is important to create the game atmosphre, and I think that you was sucessful in this matter.

The credit is a good option too, just make sure to use free to use assets regardless putting the credit scene or not.

Of course. Free assets are actually the reason for the credits page. I use 100% free assets, and the credits page is my way of proving that. I worked in academic libraries and with open source groups for a number of years and have a pretty good knowledge of IP use, which is why I bothered with this. The exact licenses vary from 100% free to CC attribution but trying to stay within bounds of all of it.

I’m hoping the credits page also helps fellow solo game devs discover free resources as well.

Thanks again for the reply.

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@Scott_Turnbull, awesome!! You must know plenty of good assets sources, I wish I knew some myself, I’m still a beginner into programming and etc. I’ll get there!

Working in libraries gives you strong Google-fu. In case it’s helpful to you or anyone else here i aggregated the list of places I marked to get resources from in this discussion in the lounge.

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@Scott_Turnbull, of course it is helpful! Very helpful! That thread should be sticked and updated!!
Awesome, thanks a lot!

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