My Block Breaker Game (WIP)

Hey all, wanna share my version of Block Breaker. Even though I won’t be doing anything else to it at the time (wanna go forward with the course), I still consider it a work in progress and plan to update and polish it some time later.

Things I added:

  • diff sounds, graphics
  • life system
  • bricks drop bonuses
  • min and max for clamping are computed based on pad’s collision polygon.

Took a whole weekend to build this, but I’m glad I did it. All and any kind of replies greatly appreciated.



This plays great. I like the shape of the bricks.

How did you make the bonusses drop, are they linked to the bricks in someway and dropped when the brick is destroyed or did you do it in another way?

Well, it’s mostly the same as with the smoke. Whenever a brick is destroyed, a random number is generated and if it’s within a certain range, a bonus prefab is instantiated where the brick used to be. If it’s not, the smoke prefab is instantiated.

Awesome. I liked the variations you put in.